How to Pitch and Transpose

Hi, I’m trying to transpose or change playback pitch of clips and it doesn’t seem to be working for me.
I’ve tried to simply set transpose ID value, as well as setPitchChange(), AudioClipBase function.

Changing transpose simply doesn’t do anything. Setting pitch change zeroed out waveform and on playback start and stop this clip produces loud click and no actual sound.

I had the same issue with PitchAndTime demo. If I manually set root tempo to some number, tempo change slider changes playback speed and audible pitch as expected. Whereas moving key slider produces the same result of zeroed waveform, no audio and only clicks on start/stop, regardless of root key.


In my main project I’ve tried to change pitch mode, turning on and off auto tempo and auto pitch, switching to melodine and default stretching modes, manually setting loop info. Am I missing something? What would be a correct way to set up transpose and pitch with/without preserving clip length (time stretch)?

This seems like it could be an issue with the SoundTouch implementation. I’ll stick it on the list of things to look at.

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Hi @dave96,
I got an update on this issue. It turned out to be a very simple user error. I haven’t had “using soundtouch” enabled in my Projucer project. I’m not sure where have I missed the info about this and why was this step not obvious to me :thinking: But now this is resolved, everything works after I have enabled SoundTouch in my project :+1:

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