How to Reduce Build Time for Multiple JUCE Projects?

I am using JUCE 3.2.0 on Windows.

Our product consists of multiple JUCE projects (4 EXEs and 3 DLLs). Since those projects shared same JUCE code base, I was wondering if it's possible to only build JUCE code once and used by all modules?

I am trying to build something like JUCE shared DLL or static library. Any suggestion?

Although we don't officially support it, this looks like it might help you:

Use at your own risk :)

That seems good a good fit. Thanks!

Maybe one of these will help the build time?

If not the ambient noise floor...

In the dawn of times, prior to the jucequake that brought us modules and IntroJucer, it was possible to build an actual (static) lib out of the JUCE project, both on windows (a .lib file) and on Mac (a .a file).

Words were spent to tame the raging developers, that this possibility wouldn't be discarded in favour of the IntroJucer way (which still I don't use because it is way too simplicistic for complex projects). So, wouldn't this be the ideal case for the lib target to take its revenge?

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