How to refactor .cpp/.h files into a new subfolder with Projucer?

I want to group together some component and their corresponding look and feel files in a subfolder. I have 23 header/cpp files currently and I need some more organization.

I know ProJucer won’t let me manually move the files around but there also doesn’t seem to be any way to manually drop the files into a folder. I tried making a group but then ProJucer made the .cpp files empty.


Maybe I’ve misunderstood, but you can definitely use the file explorer in the projucer to create new groups and then drag the .cpp/header files into those groups.

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I figured out that if I create groups via Projucer, and then use Explorer to manually drag and drop the files into a folder of the same name as the group, and then add the files to the group using Projucer, everything lines up

My way of doing it is to just remove the top most group you want to change from Projucer without deleting files, change everything manually via Finder/File Explorer, and then drag it back to Projucer.

That way I’m also confident that the Projucer project represents the actual file structure.