How to restore polymorphic build process on a project (rollback)?

Hey guys, I cant wait anymore for all the fixes needed for 4.2 - Build Release process

Its been a week that i can’t build my flag ship product

This translates into lost money.

I really need to make a release over the weekend.

How can i roll back my project to before the polymorphic thing?

The targets mechanism just wont fly ever with all the different configurations needed for building stuff.

I really feel that removing polymorphic capabilities its a huge step back.

Why couldn’t the Audio Unit V3 Project be another project type? i mean literally no one will compile an audio plug-in without adding retina or other ios features… it needs a new project, and this was the basis of the polymorphic change. And it broke everything.

I saw some posts where Timur was stating that to handle RTAS i will need another project or legacy project, that won’t fly on a commercial release schedule where everything is tight and… well scheduled, this to me says that you guys havent released ever a multi format, mult everything project (saw some RTAS madness stating new build processes for the RTAS lib and change of SDKs and crap, guess what… this wan’t needed before to build. You guys should have built first and then make breaking architecture changes)

I feel terribly for having updated to 4.2 i literally lost a week

I tried with a new mac also just in case… guess what… Cant compile VST3 on it

I really really really need to go back to polymorphic build.

How far do i have to roll back?

Please help, im no rich man and have a familly to support and all this is making me lose money.

Thanks in advance.

(we miss fearless leader)

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Sorry you’re having problems with it - we still think it’s a better structure now, and we’ll get the teething problems sorted out asap.

As for rolling back, well just go back to a GIT version that was right before the 4.2 tag, I guess?

Just a quick note: in deed vst 2 linking seems to be broken when vst3 hosting is enabled. I always tested vst3 plugins which do work on my machines. I already have a fix for vst 2 in the pipeline. Just want to give it a bit more testing. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

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This should now be fixed on the latest development branch.

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