How to return binary array from ATL ActiveX IE plugin?

Hi, jules
How is it going?
is there some way to return binary array in ATL ActiveX API through the IE plugin?

I am able to return single float data.


No - there’s no equivalent in NPAPI so I didn’t support that.

You’re not too clear about whether you’re trying to get the data into or out of the plugin, but I think that if you pass the plugin a javascript array, your code should be able to call the normal array methods on it to retrieve the data.

Hi, jules
Thank you for reply.
Yes, IE plugin sends data back to javascript. However, I did not find a way in ATL to send the binary data array back through ATL support. As far as I know, I can only send single data back to javascript, not a bunch of float data in an array at once. for example, I want to send 1000 float data back to javascript at once. What i have done is convert the 1000 float data to a string, then send the string back at once, which has a lot of cost in plugin.

Any further ideas?


I don’t think javascript is really very good for that - its arrays are objects, so you could create an array-like var object in your plugin, and pass that back, but the script would still have to call into the plugin every time it accesses the array.