How to run my app on another mac?

Hi !

Apple newbie here… My dev experience so far is almost exclusively on PC.

I have compiled an app that runs fine on my laptop, and I’d like to run it on my friend’s laptop (He’s not a dev, doesn’t have XCode, but otherwise runs the same version of OSX as me: El Capitan)

When I copy the app on my friends laptop, the icon of the app gets this weird semi-transparent “no parking” sign. I thought maybe this had to do with Gatekeeper, so I disabled it on my friend’s laptop, but it didn’t make any difference.
When I then try to start it, I get a popup saying “Cannot start this app” and that’s all: no detail to point me in the right direction.

Also, I tried generating a brand new GUI-app from the introjucer (I’m still using JUCE 4.1 btw) and I get the exact same problem.
So I’m pretty sure my code is fine: I’m obviously doing something wrong within my “build process”…

Thanks in advance for your help

  • Just as Windows toolset or Android API Level, OS X has Deployment Target.
    in your Projucer project under OS X Debug / Release you can set the Deployment Target.

Deployment Target must be lower or equal to target device’s current OS X version.
Eg. You’re on 10.11, your friend has 10.10 = Your deployment MUST be 10.10 or lower.

Does this occur with both Debug and Release builds?

This can be set for each configuration (Debug, Release, etc…)

No, I meant has the OP tried running both Debug and Release builds on the other machine :slight_smile: