How to set project-relative path for vst3 sdk

I'm building an application that will host VST plugins.

Currently, it looks like Introjucer requires the vst3 sdk folder to be absolute. This is problematic, because when somebody else on the team checks out the project, in order for them to regenerate the project using Introjucer, they would have to have the vst3 sdk installed on their machine in the exact same location as I did when I set it up.

I would like to be able to set the vst sdk path to be relative to the project. Then I could simply submit it to the repository, and when another developer pulls it down, the build will just work without them having to set up their environment in some specific way.

Is there a way to do this?

I used relative paths like “…/VST3 SDK” in Introjucer without any problems. AFAIK, Introjucer simply adds this path to the header search paths.

Thanks! I guess relative paths do actually work. The comment at the bottom of Introjucer confused me.

And me - can we get the comment changed if it hasn’t been already ;=)

I think I already changed the rollover help for that