How to set the scrollbar in whole screen?

I have a screen that make the user profile. I want to put a scroll for whole screen. I have used label to add name and email. When i tried to write email and device screen size is small that keyboard hide the Label. I can not see the input text due to keyboard visible at front. Can you please help me? i am adding a code of resized function. I am learning juce and new in juce.

void resized() override {
//Draw the Components
lblprofle.setBounds(getWidth()/2 - 100, 50, 200, 30);
db->setBounds(Rectangle(getWidth() / 2 - 64, lblprofle.getBottom()+10, 128, 128));

    inputName.setBounds (nameLabel.getRight(), db->getBottom() + 30, getWidth()/3+20, 20);

    lblemailtitle.setBounds(20, inputName.getBottom()+10, getWidth(), 30);
    inputemail.setBounds(20, lblemailtitle.getBottom(), getWidth(), 20);

    comboBox.setBounds(lblinstrumnt.getRight(), inputemail.getBottom()+20, getWidth()/3+45, 30);

    lblinsrngsltvalue.setBounds(lblintmntrange.getRight(), comboBox.getBottom()+5, getWidth()/3+20, 30);

    btniamready.setBounds(getWidth() / 4, 10 * getHeight() / 12, getWidth() / 2, 42);