How to skip a section in a Tracktion edit?

I know I can loop the transport, but what if I want playback to jump from the end of bar 4 to the start of bar 8? I want to interactively jump between sections of the song but always jump by an exact number of bars. Is there a way to set that up so the next jump happens automatically like looping does?

If not, what’s the best way to do it? Can I watch the transport position in the audio thread so when the last audio buffer before the end of bar 4 has been rendered I can set the transport position to “that far before the start of bar 8”?

There’s nothing built in to the Engine to do that at the moment.
I think the closest you could do is monitor the transport position from your own Plugin subclass (so you can get the time on the audio thread), and then call EditPlaybackContext::postPosition which should set the position on the next audio block.

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