How to start with signing audio plugins?

I’m now also starting with AU plugins. For VST3 I had to contact Steinberg in order to get a licence. How is it regarding AU? Anything that needs to be done except of signing and notarize the file?

That’s enough, yes.

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Hi @schnabel , you mentioned:

Which tricks are you referring to? I have tried removing the “” attribute that is added to all downloaded and emailed files using this command:

sudo xattr -rd /path/to/your.vst

but my beta tester is still encountering the same issue, “‘Plugin.vst3’ cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified”. I’m wondering if there are any other methods you know of for getting an unsigned / unpackaged VST3 to work on someone else’s machine without them building it themselves?

The advice in this stackoverflow thread definitely doesn’t work.

Use DropDmg and sign the dmg… in the user’s security settings have them check Allow apps downloaded from App store and identified developers.


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