How to stop VSTGUI View from being first responder/ focus view when in AudioProcessorEditor?

setWantsKeyboardFocus(false) does not work on the AudioProcessorEditor alone the VSTGUI view always steal focus. I want to do this without having to call grabkeyboardfocus because that locks up textedit parameters in vsts on windows.

Hi marvin,

There’s an option in the Projucer - “Plugin editor requires keyboard focus”. Is this disabled for your project?

Sorry I forgot to mention I’m making a host application I have no control over whether the plugin requires key focus

Yeah, not much you can do as a host - the plugin’s window will be calling all kinds of OS functions directly to give itself focus or not, I’m not sure if it’s feasible to try to control what it does.

Hey Jules,

Thanks for the response. Is there a way to at least make the VSTGUI view/VstPluginWindow a subview of another view so that way they can share keyfocus. I have conducted my own tests with a seperate project using just cocoa and it adds the VSTGUI view as a sub view to my view class and preserves the keyfocus for the plugin as well.

Perhaps something could be engineered for newer plugins that use NSViews rather than old-fashioned Carbon windowing system. But this is very time-consuming work to do and test, it’s not something I can see us having resource to investigate any time soon.