How to subclass AudioParameterInt?

I would like to add a member variable to AudioParameterInt.  Something like this:

class RGParameterInt : public AudioParameterInt
    RGParameterInt(String parameterID, String name,  int minValue, int maxValue, int defaultValue, int xtag)
    : AudioParameterInt(parameterID, name, minValue, maxValue, defaultValue)
        tag = xtag;

    int tag = 0;


...but then it complains that there's "No viable overload '='."

So I tried adding: 

using AudioParameterInt::operator=;

...but then it complains "Operator '=' is a private member of juce:AudioParameterInt"

So I tried adding:

friend class AudioParameterInt;

...but that made no difference. 

I could change the JUCE source file to make the = operator not private, but that doesn't seem the right thing to do.So obviously, I need some C++ help. 

Anyone ?



Try adding a JUCE_DECLARE_NON_COPYABLE to your class definition..