How to subscribe on a forum thread?

Maybe the question has been already answered but I can not find where.


If you look at the bottom right of the original post, you'll see "SUBSCRIBE". IF you click on your profile and go to the "SUBSCROPTIONS" tab, you can set all of your subscription options and see what threads you're subscibed to. I use my account through Facebook though, and it seems that I don't get any notifications. Perhaps it's from some settings in Facebook though.

Thanks, I looked at the bottoms of the page and did not think to look at the bottom of the OP.

I'll try to SUBSCRIBE and see if I get notif.

Go to your user profile, click Subscriptions>Settings in here you can automatically subscribe to your own threads.

I dont get any kind of email notification even wahen I subscribe? People have responed and commented to me but the only way I know is by coming back and checking here.

Me either man. Are you logged in through Facebook (or something like that) or through email? 

I just signed up through email, I might have used the google option.

Do any of y'all get emails about activity on your subscriptions, or anything from JUCE at all? I don't get anything and my email is set up and everything. I originally set up my account through Facebook, but I don't think that would effect anything. I even tried setting up a password for my account here, and I haven't received an email for that yet (maybe it's delayed or something).

Edit: I got the email for setting up my password (which didn't actually work) in my spam folder, but I still haven't seen any other emails.

No, I've tried to set automatic subscriptions & notifications to threads I contribute to, but I have yet to receive any emails from the forum despite being subscribed to a number of threads which have since been updated.