How to update BinaryData content during development?

Hi, i am now using BinaryData to store my images, works well.
Currently, i am using temporary images during development but i may update these images in a near future… how to ?

If i reopen Projucer to include new images, it gonna make a mess in my VS project… so what solution are you considering good in this case ?
Thx a lot :slight_smile:

The binary data is generated each time you save the jucer.

  1. You should use same filenames for placeholders and simply replace them with final ones when ready (this is also verybsource control friendly)

  2. You can automate the actual build process to re-save the projucer.

  3. If you modified the VS solution (not recommended for most use cases),
    You can create another jucer only with media to be embeeded. Then re-save it before building and copy that project BinaryData to the preciously generated project)

Generally speaking if you’re using a meta build system (like the Projucer or CMake), you should use that as the ‘source of truth’ for your build, and avoid doing any local changes to the generated IDE projects.

Whenever you need to change something, like add images or files to the build, just add files to the Projucer and re-save.

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