How to update selected IDE in projucer

Is there any option to update selected IDE in projucer? I have VS 2022 and template what I use is VS 2019 so I need to re-atrget it every time in VS.


In the ProJucer, left column, lower right corner is a button for Adding a new Export Target (“+”).

You can select VS2022 from the list of available IDEs. Unfortunately I don’t think there is an option to automatically convert a VS2019 target to a VS2022.

Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 9.36.20 AM

Indeed there isn’t, which is a bit of a shame to have to copy/paste all the settings between the old and new targets.

Of course CMake just avoids the issue altogether, but a bit more of learning curve to CMake than Projucer.

Yeah some reason I miss that + mark. Now it works… CMake is not very familiar me I have more experiense C# and .NET stuff, but I’m very interested to learn pluggin product because I also do some home studio recordings.

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