How to use juce::handleARAAssertion?

What would be the proper way to use juce::handleARAAssertion() instead of ARAHandleAssert() that calls the abort() function?

Using the compile definition JUCE_DISABLE_ASSERTIONS=1 (or ARA_ENABLE_INTERNAL_ASSERTS=0) generates a warning 'ARA_ENABLE_INTERNAL_ASSERTS' macro redefined l.35 of juce_ARA_Wrapper.h and I think that disables all the assertions (I just would like to avoid abort()).

Thank you, that’s a good point you brought up.

The definitions in juce_ARA_Wrapper.h should come earlier, before juce_ARA_utils.h is included. We will address this issue.

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We have released a fix for this issue, which is now also part of the 7.0.2 release.