How to use JUCE with Blender model

so i modeled a sound synth in blender im trying to ha ve the JUCE library working with the blender model and i know its possible because someone already did this in c4D

You’d need a 3D model loader to make that work. The JUCE Demo provides a super basic .obj (Wavefront Object) model loader for OpenGL, which might do what you need. Other than that, you’ll have to roll your own solution (I’m not aware of any JUCE compatible C4D libraries out there).

I recommend Assimp for all your asset loading needs. I’ve used it with OpenGL/JUCE plenty of times.

It supports ‘most’ formats (including Blender’s native format). It provides a format-agnostic interface for parsing scene data (meshes, nodes, settings, lights, cameras etc).

You will want to disable all importers and exporters except the one you need, otherwise, you will be waiting a while for it to compile all of them (and there are many!).