How to Verify VST3 with Validator?

How can I verify my VST3 with the Validator? Also, it was suggested to me that I: “build the validator from the SDK and copy it over to your laptop und then run the validator pointing it to your plug-in.”
How can I accomplish this?
Thanks in advance,

You can find the VST3 SDK, including the validator, here: GitHub - steinbergmedia/vst3sdk: VST 3 Plug-In SDK

There are instructions on downloading and building the SDK, but the short version is to:

  • Get a copy of the SDK: git clone --recursive
  • Use CMake to generate build files: cmake -B cmake-build
  • Build the validator: cmake --build cmake-build --target validator

Then, the validator program will be located in cmake-build/bin/Debug/validator. You can run validator -h to find out the different validation options.

Another similar project you might find useful is ‘pluginval’: GitHub - Tracktion/pluginval: Cross platform plugin testing and validation tool