How would you create a new array of getArrayOfReadPointers

Hi there. I have these two arrays of 2 channels each. I’d like to create a new array that has the pointer of channel 1 of the first array and pointer of channel 2 of the second array.
So far there are only two input buffers, but I’d like for it to be flexible to incorporate more input buffer read pointers later on.

    float* const* pArrayInputBuffer = const_cast<float *const *>(inputBuffer.getArrayOfReadPointers());
    float* const* pArrayInputBuffer2 = const_cast<float *const *>(inputBuffer2.getArrayOfReadPointers());

You can’t do that with AudioBuffer.

There’s a strong guarantee in that structure that the two dimensional array is contiguous for performance.

Instead, I would create a helper struct that wraps these two AudioBuffers and creates the correct channel layout:

using Buffer = juce::AudioBuffer<float>;

struct BufferCombiner
    BufferCombiner(Buffer& leftToUse, Buffer& rightToUse)
        : left(leftToUse)
        , right(rightToUse)

    float* getChannel(int index) noexcept
        if (index == 0)
            return left.getWritePointer(0);
        return right.getWritePointer(0);
    //maybe other helper functions like getNumSamples(), etc

    Buffer& left;
    Buffer& right;
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