HOWTO: Create custom default AUM window size for AUv3

Since this info is a bit hard to find (I had to ask AUM developer for instructions), I think this little how-to will be useful to make things easier for any iOS developers.

As most of you know, AUM, the popular IOS DAW, loads AUv3 plugins in a default window size which is not very useful. AFAIK there’s no standard to set this.

You can, however, modify this size for app by adding a new string item on the XML tags from Info-AUv3_AppExtension.plist

It should be added at NSExtension > NSExtensionAttributes > AudioComponents > 0 > tags and the string is size:{x,y} where x is window height and y window width both in pixel values (ie.- size:{640,480})

The main issue adding a new string to Info-AUv3_AppExtension.plist is that every time you save the project with Projucer the value (or values, you can add several size strings) will be deleted.

So the workaround is automating the process using a bash script and calling it via ProJucer project settings > Post-Export Shell commnand (macOS, Linux).

We create the script with your editor of choice and create:

SCRIPT_DIR=$(dirname "$0")
/usr/libexec/PlistBuddy -c "add :NSExtension:NSExtensionAttributes:AudioComponents:0:tags:1 string 'size:{640,480}'" $SCRIPT_DIR/Builds/iOS/Info-AUv3_AppExtension.plist

Save it on ProJucer main folder as Plist.tool, add run permission in Terminal with chmod +x Plist.tool and we will be almost done.

Finally we add this script to ProJucer adding the line at Project settings > Post-Export Shell commnand (macOS, Linux) field:


This way every time we save the project with any changes, the custom window size value will be added, saving our valuable time.

Beware! Right now with Projucer 6.1.2 if the path has any blank spaces the shell script will return an error.