I hate macs


So I got juce to compile okee doke…

I got the demo app to compile okee doke…

I try to compile the VST, and it’s giving me errors in the VST common files…



starting to HATE IT already…

argh… maybe I’m just whining like a biatch, but… seeing this crap, I have no desire to pursue this stupid mac shit. These computers do nothing but piss me off…

it keeps telling me…

“token “.” is not valid in preprocessor expressions”

so I tried something else, at which point the window completely disappeared and a box poped up which said…

“The application Xcode has unexprectedly quit, would you like to report this bug to apple?”

arrrggghhh… :shock: :x :evil:


I had that “.” preprocessor crap.

And I can’t remember what I did! I commented out the relevent sections I think at one point. sure I did something else though.

Ye, macs are shit.


what file is the preprocessor error in? It’s not one of mine is it?


it’s not in your code… it’s in the VST SDK. I should go to the vst developers forum to get some more info (but I can’t say I feel very motivated).


I think I might have changed the file encoding or something to get it working.
Don’t know. Can’t remember. Was thrashing about trying everything. I got a row from Jules about commenting out other peoples code (it’s just codewarrior bollocks or something is it?) so I defo didn’t leave it at that. Got flu and firing up the Mac fills me with dread.

I’m gonna get in the habit of writing shit down so I can remember shit.


Never had a problem compiling the VST stuff in xcode - what was the line of code it didn’t like?