I KnobMan still a good custom UI option

Hi there,

currently trying my hand at creating a completley custom UI for my plugin, but I am curious as to what is currently the best option when creating custom sliders.

A lot of ‘KnobMan’ related posts are quite a few years old now, so I was wondering whether designing the slider via overriding the paint method in the the LookAndFeel class was a preffered method now as oppposed to loading in a series of BitMaps.

Anybody direction regarding this would be great!


You would use the LookAndFeel for both methods usually. You will get two types of response to this but it is probably becoming more common to use paths and the draw functionality to create custom sliders. Although there always will be people who use filmstrips, they do have flaws. However, I have recently used a filmstrip for an extremely skeuomorphic project so they do sometimes have their place.


It’s a fantastic tool to prototype ideas, but that’s as far as I’d go with it nowadays.

It depends on the design and aesthetic you’re after too; as tempting as it is to just start playing around, I’d recommend spending some time to really figure out what kind of aesthetic you’re after for your plugin as it will streamline the whole process and help you justify design decisions and the tools you’ll be using.

I personally design my sliders in Inkscape and use Projucer’s ‘SVG Path Converter’ tool to generate the code, which I then throw into my custom LookAndFeel. I then scale, position and rotate them as needed. My plugins have a flat design so this works fine for me.

Using SVGs will reduce scaling issues and if you draw your sliders using JUCE paths as shown in the tutorials, you can eventually create some really dynamic and creative interface elements which can improve the UI/UX experience for the user.

Some projects require 3D modelling/animation software to accurately simulate lighting, shadows, texture and perspective of knobs and buttons. It’s overkill for most projects but it has its place.


This is my only case of using a filmstrip as its one of the few things that can’t be achieved with vector graphics.

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Those bitmaps use a lot of memory too!

Thanks for the response David! I had a feeling that the filmstrip provided by Knobman would have it’s drawbacks. Good to now have a starting point, as I am such a novice in this area.

Thanks arcine, that is super helpful. I have had a look at Inkscape and will have a play around with that and the SVG path converter tool - never knew that was even a thing.

Thanks so much!