I need some knob GUI design advice

Hello everyone! I’ve just started using JUCE and I don’t have much experience, I’m trying to create a specific type of knob with DrawRotarySlider() but I’m unable to find resources that would help me. I want to display the modulation on the borders of the knob like in Serum. I’ll leave an image for the sake of clarity. https://pureav.deviantart.com/art/Serum-VST-GUI-483397829 (the blue thing on the right wt pos knob). Thanks in advance.

The easiest way I’ve done this is to have a ModulationKnob class derived from Component which owns a slider instance with an appropriate getter to return a pointer to it for anything you need the slider to talk to. Then just do your additional drawing in that components paint method. The knob’s paint method will draw on top of the class.