IAA not connecting if starting App from Host

Using Juce 5.1.2 with link fix for IAA PluginHostMethode I have the following behaviour:

  • I start my App and then connect to a Host => the IAA is active and working. I can also close the Host, IAA is disconnected and a new connection is possible afterwards
  • I do not my App, I select my App in the Host => my App is started, the Host displays my App as if connected but on my App side no IAA is detected and my App is behaving as such.
    I made the test with the following Host : GarageBand and ToneStack on iOS 10 and 11

Can you reproduce the problem using the InterAppAudioEffect example in examples/PlugInSamples/InterAppAudioEffect built with JUCE 5.2?

The example works on 5.2. I will upgrade and check my code.
Thank you for your time.