Ibus IME support?

I have tried the demo, the ibus IME doesn't work on all text edit fields inside the app. So does JUCE have any kind of support for input method engines on Linux or it's just not enabled?

It's not currently supported, sorry!

If you need this and know how to use ibus then you can look at the other IME APIs we support on OSX, Windows and Android, and suggest how we could add it!

Sorry digging this up.

I noticed JUCE supports WebBroswerComponent on Linux recently, may I ask does JUCE support IME on Linux yet? If not, which source file(s) should I look at and any suggestion for implement this? Thanks.

Don’t think we’ve looked into that on linux - the classes to reference would be the places where TextInputTarget is implemented on OSX and Windows

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Thanks, Jules. I will study those classes ASAP.

Does JUCE team have any plan to implement this after JUCE 5 released?

I’m sure it’s in the backlog, but couldn’t say when we’ll get around to it.