Icon editor in freeware

If somebody is interested, I have found on http://www.telecharger.com an editor for Icons, which is freeware. The icons created have a free resolution (16x16 to 128x128 if you want), an unlimited number of color, you can add several profiles in the same file (one for 16x16 preview in 16 colors, one in 32x32 in 256 colors etc)… A useful free software for everybody :wink:

It’s there : http://www.awicons.com/download.html

It’s called “AWIcons Lite” :wink:

That looks like a neat little program. Are you sure the resolution’s free though? On this page it says that the resolution’s limited to 32x32 for the free version.

Personally, I use Paint Shop Pro to make icons, exporting them as pngs to use in my png2ico program (scroll down a bit). That way, I can make 48x48 icons (the standard windows sizes are 16x16, 32x32 and 48x48, fwiw), with full 32-bit colour (alpha transparency, yay!). For a completely free solution, substitute Paint Shop Pro for the Gimp.

(hmm… sorry, I seem to have slipped into shameless self-promoting mode halfway through this post :oops:)

  • Niall.

You’re right, it’s not free, but you can go to 128x128 :wink:

It’s a good soft too, I have downloaded it :wink:

This one is the best free one (for personal use) I found since it can import PNG images correctly so I can use GIMP to create images with transparent colours


Not bad ! :wink: