[IDEA] AutoUpdates + Single JUCE bundle containing {OSX Linux Win} Projucer

I'm doing some work in OSX and some in Windows.

So I've downloaded the OSX & Windows bundles and got both Projucer binaries in the same folder.

Why not just distribute a single bundle? It would make it easier to maintain, and would emphasise the fact that the bundles are identical save for the ProJucer build.

Another handy feature would be having the ProJucer update itself and keep its JUCE modules up-to-date.

This would mean having ProJucer store a 'path to modules' string as an application property. Individual projects would inherit this by default but could choose to override. But automatic updating would only apply to this path.

ProJucer could even display the most recent commits on its homepage.


Yes, we are currently thinking about possible ways to further improve the user experience of the Projucer, and simplify the way it handles updates, JUCE modules, and other things. All those things you mention here are part of this discussion! 

Another thing that occurs to me while using the Projucer:

I think there should just be a single 'save everything and launch in IDE' button.

Currently there are about six different options -- but I can't envisage any scenario where you would anything beyond this one function.

When would someone ever want to launch the IDE without saving all dirty files and the project? That would be deliberately creating an inconsistent state...


Great idea, that makes a lot of sense. This will go into our discussion about possible future Projucer improvements as well (that's one of the things we are working on this week). If any of you have more suggestions like this, please post it here!