Some things that have caught my attention of late:

  • Can a combo box be made to highlight when a mouse moves over it? All other components highlight, or have some effect, when a mouse hovers over them, except combo boxes.
  • Can the toolbar component which holds the File, Edit, etc. be shaded a little so as not to have a solid line running through it?
  • Would it not be possible to have a String method called encrypt which takes the String to encrypt as well as the key it should use and apply some algorithm on the String and then return it?
  • How about an getEscaped method for String which returns a String where all escapable characters have a \ before them? Could be useful for people sending info to databases.

Anyone else have any suggestions?

Thanks for your time Jules.

Well all those graphics issues can be tweaked by doing your own look and feel class if that’s what you need.

There are some character escaping methods in the URL class and in the jucer’s utilities.