Idle question regarding CD-ROM drives

I would not call this an important question but it’s been vaguely bugging me in the back of my mind.

Right now, I’m handling CDs by putting a listener on all the AudioCDBurners (which I’m assuming correspond to all the CD drives in the system) and re-reading all the AudioCDReaders on any change to their status.

Some tiny number of people still have CD-ROM drives - drives that read CDs but do not write them. I wonder if this works for them?

In general, is there a way to listen for volumes being mounted and unmounted? (Right now, I’m polling.) For Audio CDs being inserted or ejected? (Right now, I’m doing what I described above…)

Not sure, but probably not - I doubt if the OS will allow a reader to be opened as a burner.

I don’t want to open the burner as a reader. I just want notifications if an audio disk gets inserted into a CD-ROM drive!

Yeah, I think polling is probably your only option there.