IEC 60559 - implementation is needed only for compile or for runtime also?

I read here about some behaviours (error handling) of log10(), and pow(). I like those behaviours but they say it works If the implementation supports IEEE floating-point arithmetic (IEC 60559).

And I wonder what does it exactly mean “implementation”. Do I need that implementation only when compiling? Or do I need it also later during runtime?
I don’t know if my computer or compiler supports such implementation. But I found out that it works exactly as they said on the

The issue is I need to be sure if such implementation is also needed later on computers/system on which I will run my application?

My application is actually AU/VST plugin, so I need to be sure what about other DAWs. Do they need such implementation of IEC 60559?
Or maybe it’s irrelevant question, if such implementation is needed only for compilation?

It seems to be obvious I need it only for compile time. But I want to be sure.