If you can't predict actual latency on Windows

How is that videos stay in sync in multiple browsers for example?

I want to sync a drawing with Direct Sound output, and it seems impossible to guess, as the returned value is way off. So how do videos do it?

They’re unlikely to use Dsound, and I wouldn’t recommend that you do, either. WASAPI is a better choice, and it’ll give a decent latency value.

I understand, but across different browsers and running VLC as well? I didn’t think WASAPI could share across programs?

No, WASAPI will run just fine with multiple apps. I think since Windows 7 it has been the native driver type for audio, and Dsound is really just a layer on top of it, I don’t think there’s any reason why you’d choose Dsound nowadays rather than WASAPI.

Oh my apologies, I had my Juce app set to exclusive mode… :flushed: :space_invader:
edit …It’s the only way I can get different sample rates for testing.