IIRFilter is ambiguous in VS

I’ve been developing on Mac and just switched over to see how my code worked in Windows.

The only thing that stands out is that in one of my source files I get:

IIRFilter is ambiguous
IIRCoefficients is ambiguous 

I also get the IIRCoefficients is ambiguous in juice_IIRFilter.h.

What would be the reason for this?

That message means that you have defined IIRCoefficients and IIRFilter in two places, and the compiler can’t work out which one to select.

I’m not sure why you’re seeing this on Windows only, and I doubt this is a JUCE bug. Are you redefining IIRFilter?

If you post the whole error message then we should be able to work out where the conflicting definitions are.

Thanks for the reply. I fixed this the other day and forgot to post.

If I remember correctly, I think it had something to do with me putting much of my code in .h files and one of them (that complained) didn’t have the Juce header file at the top. Xcode was okay with it but VS wasn’t. After I included the Juce header in that one file, all was fine.