IJ and Xcode version compatibility


What’s the Xcode version compatibility with the IJ tip? Tried creating an Xcode project and it doesn’t work with Xcode 5.1.1




Yeah, we don't worry too much about breaking compatibility with older Xcode versions (and Apple certainly doesn't worry about that!)

Our general advice for backwards compatibility is to use the latest tools + SDKs and set it to build for an older deployment target.


I set it to SDK 10.7 – that’s not the issue… I get a parse error when trying to open the Xcode project generated.

Perhaps it’s one of the parameters I’m using – will do more checking.




V5 was some time ago - it's likely that since then we've started adding stuff to the project that no longer works on the older version.


If I'm not mistaken you need Xcode 6.3 or higher these days.


It actually works – I believe it had a parse error because of some of the parameters I was using.