ImageCache and Reaper

I’m using Reaper to test my VST. My GUI uses a jpeg image. Using the jucer “test component,” I can see my image.

When I run in Reaper the image does not show up. Has anyone seen this before or know why?

Also, my tool tips do not show up in Reaper as well.


Surely a bit of debugging will show you exactly what’s failing when you try to load or draw the image?

Yes. :slight_smile:

Excuse my laziness.

I solved my graphic image problem. The jucer placed the drawimage before the setgradientfill and fillall so it was covering over my image. DOH!

Now, to see why the tooltips aren’t displaying.

And, the tooltips are working now.

Just had to add …

TooltipWindow tooltipWindow;

to the class EditorCompWrapper private section in juce_VST_Wrapper.cpp .

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