Implement takes/playlists ala ProTools

Hi !

I’d like to add takes/playlists ala ProTools in my app and simply looking for direction / examples on how it should be implemented. I looked into the CompManager which seems to be a helper class for both Midi and Wave clips.

Should I simply let users drag recorded wave clips to some sort of playlist folder (like Protools), and when doing so, call addTake ? Is there any way to auto-create takes when recording and looping on a region ?

Very basic questions as you can see.

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We don’t have anything like that directly in the Engine itself at the moment. CompManager is really for comping audio and MIDI takes.

We have the start of a feature like that in Waveform called “Track Snapshots” where you can save the state of a track and recall it later, but you can’t comp them. For that we just add track states to the ValueTree and then restore them when required. For full track comping, you’d need to figure out what track contents to add where on your “main” track.

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I see, I can probably do it manually.

Thanks !