Implementing a PSD



I need to implement a PSD and I have some components there (usually buttons) that I’m not sure whether I should
just crop and use ImageButton, or that I should draw them.

What guidelines should I use when choosing between these options?
As I see it the differences are:

  • Performance: I don’t know, I think it depends on how complicated the drawings are.
  • Using an image is much more faster to implement.
  • Drawing is more scalable.
  • Using a lot of images will increase the size of the application.

Any suggestions / roles of thumb/ mental support will be much appreciated!


Unless you have hundreds of buttons that are constantly being animated all over the screen, then rendering speed really isn’t worth worrying about!


Graphics::(drawing routines) > images for controls

What exactly is a “PSD” ??


PSD = Photoshop Document