Improve performance, when drawing components with big size

I made plugin with a draggable component. The component consist of an inner cirrcle and an outter circle.

The whole component can be dragged, by moving the inner circle.
When scrolling inside the inner circle, the outter circle’s radius can be extended by a scaleFactor. Accordingly, the Component’s size is extended:
tmp.cpp (131 Bytes)

When setting a big scaleFactor, and dragging the component, the performance is really slow(Some OSC messages are not send in time.)

Is there a way to improve the performance, when draging such a big size component?

Thank you!


I am still having this problem. Is no one having any ideas to improve the drawing of components with big size? Right now I am investigating in JUCE’s OpenGL Context to solve the problem.

Did you profile which part exactly in the repaint/paint takes most of the time? For instance I remember having some glyph problems in macOS some months ago, I mean it can be something very specific to the way your OS renders things or just something you are doing unefficiently. Maybe that should help people understand where shots are going so they can give you suggestions based on that.