INA GRM is hiring! Come reinvent GRM Tools

Dear JUCE community,

The GRM is hiring a (junior/intermediate) C++ developer specialized in real-time audio and GUI to join its R&D team to contribute to an ambitious and exciting project: the complete reinvention of our flagship product, GRM Tools.

Make history by contributing to the future of GRM’s crown jewel led by Matthias Puech @mqtthiqs, and work in a stimulating environment around our legendary studios and many visiting composers.

This is a Paris-based, full-time 12-months position.

In case you don’t know us, the Groupe de Recherches Musicales is a world-renowned, 70-year old French institution amongst the pioneers of electronic music (Pierre Schaeffer, Pierre Henry…) with a historical track record of technical innovation for music composition and performance.

More details and application form here (in French) or on LinkedIn.
Don’t hesitate to get in touch here or by email.

All the best from Paris,
The GRM Team

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