Include a Lowpass code strip in my audio plugin

Hey community :slightly_smiling_face:,

I’m currently writing my first audio plugin.
I don´t like the dsp lowpass filter, therefore I want to include a lowpass code strip in my Juce plugin, but it is tricky.

I don´t know, at I need (a) new Header file(s) or not.
How would you Include this stips ?

Many thanks

Lowpass.h (347 Bytes)

Lowpass.cpp (1.9 KB)

#include Lowpass.h in your file where your AudioProcessor subclass is declared.

Add Lowpass.cpp into your project as a file to be compiled. (Note that just including the header file will not work when there’s a related .cpp file.)

Things will go easiest if you copy the .h and .cpp file into the same directory where your plugin’s source code is.

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