Include a multi-architectures library

I have a static library (.a) that have 4 architecture (armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a, x86, x86_64), is there a way to include all of them for each architecture respectively in the Projucer?
When i tried to include one of them, i will get error for other architectures (libtoinclude.a is incompatible with aarch64linux for example), and so on. (My project is also build for those 4 arch above)

Not sure if I understand the question properly, but could you perhaps create a “bundle” library (.a) to support all the architectures you’re using, and then use that “bundle” library in your projects where needed?

@austrianaudioJV To my understanding, Android static library can not be merged into a single “.a” file: How to combine android static libraries with different ABIs? - Stack Overflow

The reading you provided is possibly for MacOS’s ARM