Include atomic in juce_StandardHeader.h Linux

Hi guys,

I’ve recently been moving over to doing some plugin development on Linux (Playing about with traktion etc) and have just about gotten everything to work.

However I ran into some compile errors on a plugin I had developed on OSX due to the juce_StandardHeader.h including libkern/OSAtomic.h and me taking this for granted.

Is there a specific reason for the atomic header not being included under the if JUCE_LINUX flag in juce_StandardHeader.h ?

I added the include manually for now and everything builds fine with clang 3.8 on Ubuntu 16/04 LTS.

Just wondering if it’s possible for it to be added ? It’s early ish days for me in Linux so I may be missing some issue between versions that is stopping you guys from including the atomic header.


We only include headers which are needed by JUCE headers itself. If you need that header then make sure to include yourself - with some ifdefs if necessary.

Makes sense.

Thanks Fabian.