Include external file in VST3 build

Hello fellow jucers,
I am currently building a plugin using a neural network with the help of the frugally deep library. As it can also be seen in the library’s basic usage example and as I got answered in its github issues to load the network model a path to open an std::istream has to be fed to the fdeep::load_model method, e.g. fdeep::load_model("C:\\Users\\UserName\\MyModel.json") where MyModel.json is the file the user has to set the path to.
My problem is that this procedure is machine-dependent, meaning that the code of the VST has to change based on the machine running the vst, namely if userA wants to use it it has to build it from scratch using as path


, while if userB wants to use the same plugin it has to build his own changing the path to the model e.g. to


My question is: is there a way that i can provide an std::istream of this file to the fdeep::load_model method without it being dependent on the machine used (no use of absolute paths) so that the build of the plugin is unique and it doesn’t have to be rebuilt each time it is used on a different machine?

I thought about using relative paths but it doesn’t work since VSTs are often moved around to be dropped in the VST folder of the user, so screwing relative paths.

Thanks in advance, I hope I am making sense and not asking something dumb.