Include images as files and not embedded code

Is there anyway to just include a file from a relative path using JUCE? Between graphics, up and down button states, I have about 40 images and trying to create them through the ProJucer causes thousands of lines (over 20,00 in this particular situation) to be generated and embedded in my GUI component. This is causing huge performance issues in Xcode for me. Is it possible to just include the files via relative path and save all that embedded code? The .cpp is so large even GitHub says they are too large to display. Any help is greatly appreciated.

If you are using Xcode you can add them as Xcode resources:

I recommend not to include build targets or intermediate files in your git repos (including automatically generated sources and project files).

While JUCE does include its generated Xcode and Visual Studio projects, they do have unique good reasons for that (the bootsrapping/chicken-egg problem - although the projects can be generated with the Projucer, the Projucer itself cannot be built without them).