Include LibPd on Android project

I have used Juce and LibPd to create apps for OS X and iOS, using Xcode. I followed LibPd’s github repository guidelines to include the library with no problem at all. Basically, i added “pd-osx” in the Projucer field named “External libraries to link” and corresponding Header and Extra Library Search Paths. As a last step, i added the cpp wrapper files to my project.

I also managed to include LibPd-for-Android on a pure java project in Android Studio, adding the dependency to my app as indicated here As simple as writing, what follows, in the app’s build.gradle file

dependencies {
    compile ''

But, when it comes to use LibPd and Juce on an Android Project, i really don’t know what to do. I want to use the cpp wrapper of LibPd to develop a cross-platform app. What should i do? What type of library format should i use?

I created an .aar file of pd-for-android, and also compiled a libpdcpp.dylib file. All this trying to include LibPd on an AndroidStudio project using the Projucer. But without good results.

Anyone has done it?