Incorrect macOS bundle generation


I’m trying to rebuild some plugins in Xcode to perform App Notarization etc but I’ve run into quite an odd issue.

XCode does build the code correctly but the actual binary is not copied into the respective app bundles. I’m left with bundles that have the metadata in place but no resources/binary data.

I’m using the latest version of JUCE/ProJucer and macOS Mojave.

Any idea why this might be happening? I’m not a native mac user, I just use it to build mac versions of my plugins.

I can’t find the thread now, but I seem to recall this would happen if some required juce modules were missing from the project.

Coincidentally I had removed and re-added the various modules. I will try it again, Thanks.


I had to make a new ProJucer project and manually copy over the files and settings. It builds correctly now.