Indeterminate Progress Bar?

Has anybody made an indeterminate progress bar for juce? Maybe like that spinning thing mac os has?

I guess I could just use a timer to display a sequence of pngs.

Any other ideas?

i use the normal progress bar and set the progress value to “-1” then it spins nicely and makes a nice “please wait loading” effect

I didn’t know it would do that, it’s exactly what I need. Thanks.

Mac Style Progress Wheel.

that’s pretty cool

I needed a spinning wheel animation recently, so I added to the LookAndFeel class. It’s not a component, but could be used to make a component very easily.

A small suggestion, the component would be more useful if we are allowed to set the image beach ball or hour glass etc.

And have couple of default motions like flip and rotate.

Not sure how hard or tough it would be.