Inefficieny with Synthesiser class? (renderNextBlock constantly being called)

Hi, I’m developing a synth plugin and I’m still figuring out what structures I will use to build it. At first I decided to use the MPESynthesiser as it seemed to have some nice features. Then for curiostiy I refactored my code to use the legacy Synthesiser class. However I have noticed that even when I do not press any key on my MIDI controller, renderNextBlock is called on all my voices, meaning that at idle, with no voices playing, Ableton registers a CPU usage of 3% (when I build for release):
Is there a way to make this more efficient by only calling renderNextBlock if a voice is currently active?
The MPESythesiser does not call renderNextBlock until you actually press a key.

*I have made sure to call clear current note in renderNextBlock using this code:

int e = 0;
iterate([&](unsigned i)
        if (envelopes[i].isFinshed())


It just checks if all the envelopes have finished and if so then it calls clearCurrentNote()

I simply do the following, not sure if it is the best way, but it works.

void renderNextBlock (AudioBuffer<float>& outputBuffer, int startSample, int numSamples)
	if (isVoiceActive ())
          // Do magic stuff here......
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