Influence of Plugin not heard after exporting .wav from FL Studio

Hi all,

When within FL studio I hear the effect of my plugin, however, when exporting the project, all the plugin sound effects are lost. If I use a native plugin in FL studio, the effect is still there, what is causing this?
I have AVTS set up, as if you close and open the plugin within the project the settings remain

You have not given much to go on. But, from your description it sounds like you are doing some, or all, of your processing in your editor. When exporting or rendering from a DAW, the editor is not even called. So, any code there will not be run. And that would explain why the render is different than when listening within the DAW with you plugin open.

The general rule is, in plugin design, all of the audio processing must be done in the plugin’s processor. The plugin editor is purely for the user to make changes to parameters, all of the DSP must be in the processor. The plugin must function even if there is no editor at all.

That is all I can think of based on your brief descrption.

sounds like you use parameter listeners