Information About how to Position a Pair of Microphones for Recording in Stereo

The Internet Library at has a large collection of recordings of Grateful Dead concerts. Many of these recordings were made by audience members who used microphones to capture the music. These recordings often have detailed notes about how the recordings were made. Some tapers use microphones that cost as much as $2,000 each. That’s $4,000 per pair.

One of the most respected tapers in this community is Tony Suraci. Tony prefers near-coincident microphone positioning to coincident microphone positioning. There was one concert where part of Tony’s microphone mounting system broke. This forced Tony to resort to XY positioning. Tony’s notes for this recording state that he does not much care for XY stereo. I agree with Tony on this matter.

I bring up these subjects because they are related to audio engineering, and will therefore be relevant to audio engineers who develop their own tools with JUCE.

I don‘t want to be rude, but what‘s the purpose of all the topics you’ve created lately? Most of them aren‘t about JUCE or aren’t even related to audio programming.

BTW: Answering via the edit function is not the best idea :wink:


Yep, a lot of us here are interested in audio engineering. But that’s not why we’re here. There’s probably a lot of us here who are interesting in cooking too, but we don’t discuss that here either. We’re here to help out with JUCE code, share ideas about programming, raise awareness of bugs in the framework, etc., etc.

You’d be better off posting these sorts of topics to audio engineering specific forums - there’s a dozen good sub’s on reddit you could get involved in.


I agree (again)

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