Initial Attach of AAX Plugin results in some display issues


I am testing my plugin for AAX release (on Protools Dev Build), however, have noticed a display issue on the initial action of attaching the plugin to a track (when the plugin window first appears). It seems that some of my nested components are not fast enough to load before the parent component loads. In my example, I have two parent components (called FilterGroup), and each of these has three children components (called Filter). Initially, the first FilterGroup is visible and the second one is invisible. Both of these components are constructed in exactly the same way, however, the visible one is not displaying correctly when initially attaching to a track. The display is missing most things that should be included from the child components - and the positioning of the elements that are present varies which seemingly points to a timing thing.

However, if I close the plugin window (after attaching to the track) and then reopen it, everything displays perfectly. I’m not sure how to resolve this or where to look as it is only specific to AAX (Protools).

I’ve had no problems with AU (Logic Pro and Adobe Audition) and VST3 (Adobe Audition).

I managed to solve my issue - it was due to some failing initialisation code in the AudioProcessor constructor and setStateInformation function.

I only needed to call the filter initialisation routines in prepareToPlay and this resolved the issue. It might be that my other versions (AU and VST) seemed to call the prepareToPlay after initialisation whereas the AAX might have called the intialisation after prepareToPlay (I really don’t know but I am happy that it is working now)